The Hund are a species of large beastial beings with a complex feudal caste system that is the backbone of their society. They are well known for their military expertise and have an influential role in the galactic scene.


The hund come from a dense and rugged world, giving them an equally dense and rugged physiology. They stand up to 8 feet tall on bipedal legs. Their feet are 3 long digits extended downwards with tough palms on the bottom of each. They have a hunched back that serves as a water reservoir. They have large muscular arms with 4-6 digits on each hand. Their head has several dangling tendrils (Males have 4, Women have up to 5) that are sensitive to pressure change and radiation, both important historically for survival on their rough planet, which is subject to violent dust storms and frequent radiation spikes. Their noses can close or open at will and they need a wide variety of elements present in the air, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Their skin is covered with hair which comes in a variety of colors and lengths and is the basis for their caste system.


The vast majority of the Hund live inside the Maan Hunda hegemony. A splinter group, rejecting the Feudal-Caste system, live in a union state called Lun Cece Hunda.

They are the second most populous species in the galaxy, and have abandoned their original tongues in accordance with the Galactic Standards. They do use their original languages in the naming of certain things, such as people or groups.

The Hund are well known as warriors. Their rugged homeworld and society structures led to a competitive environment. Traditionally, strength was the most important attribute and is often still held to that standard. However, their feudal system has developed to covet a wider variety of merits since the emergence of the galactic era and technological advancement.